How to get Bitcoins for free


Everybody is talking about Bitcoins, especially after the news about Tesla investing in the cryptocurrency. Maybe it’s too late, but many of us got fascinated by the growing value of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and would like to invest a little bit of money in it. In this post I’m gonna show you how to … Read more

A minimalist phone

A minimalist phone

Have you ever checked how much time you are spending daily on your smartphone? How many times are you unlocking your phone screen? How long are you scrolling down the Facebook or Instagram feed for a wonderful recipe for unhappiness? We all know (hopefully) that we spend too much time on our phones, but let’s … Read more

Websites made by my students

website course

Sometimes I have the opportunity to teach Computer Science in high schools. This year I’ve been hired by I.T.E. Fusinieri in Vicenza to teach website development and database. Like two years ago, my students were asked to upload a simple website using the knowledge they acquired during my lessons, and I’d like to share them … Read more

Il Black Friday di Amazon

black friday amazon

Oggi, 21 Novembre, parte la settimana delle offerte Black Friday di Amazon! Un’iniziativa che culminerà con i due eventi del Black Friday (Venerdì 25 Novembre) e del Cyber Monday (Lunedì 28 Novembre). In questo periodo ci saranno migliaia di offerte ogni giorno, divise tra offerte del giorno (valide per 24 ore), offerte lampo ogni 5 minuti (valide solo per poche ore) e offerte in vetrina (valide per più di un giorno).

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SHITSTORM – Cos’è e come evitarlo

Uno tra i fenomeni più dannosi su Facebook viene nominato Shitstorm (tempesta di escrementi). Questa tecnica consiste nel diventare amministratore di un gruppo su Facebook, eliminare i proprietari originali ed aggiungere i propri complici. Avendone il controllo completo, i nuovi amministratori eliminano il gruppo o lo tempestano con post mirati a demolire la community creatasi, costringendo i membri ad abbandonarlo.

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Viviamo in un’epoca di idioti tecnologici, ma non è colpa loro

Un'epoca di idioti tecnologici

Spesso mi domando, quando sfoglio Facebook, se il mondo sia sempre stato popolato da idioti o se la percentuale sia notevolmente aumentata nel giro degli ultimi anni. Basta entrare in un social network per rendersi conto che, dipendentemente dagli amici che avete, l’intelligenza o, più in generale, la capacità di pensare, sembra essere una qualità sempre più rara. Mi riferisco in particolare alla proliferazione delle bufale sui social network.

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New Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer – WordPress plugin

The original Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer stopped working, so I made a new version of it. The new Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer is a free WordPress plugin that changes all your Amazon associate links to send visitors to the right Amazon store for their country, without the need of change anything in your posts. Unless other solutions like Easy Azon it’s completely free!

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Rocksmith 2014 free alternatives

rocksmith 2014 alternatives

If you heard about Rocksmith 2014 or its previous version (just ““), you know that it’s like hero with a real guitar. You buy the game and the Ubisoft Real Tone Cable for connecting a standard electric guitar to your PC, Mac or console. The game is not that expensive, nor is the cable (but many agree that it’s too expensive for its quality, that’s why I found a workaround for using a standard cable). Anyway, you may be looking for cheaper Rocksmith 2014 alternatives, or games that teach you how to play guitar better than Rocksmith 2014 do.

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What is ZigBee? Key concepts


What is ZigBee? It simply is an interesting wireless protocol for communication between devices.


A legitimate question is: “Do we really need another wireless protocol?”. The answer can be found analyzing the reasons that brought to the creation of ZigBee by the ZigBee Alliance. ZigBee was born with a mission to define a complete, open, global standard for reliable, cost-effective, low-power, wirelessly networked products addressing monitoring and control. In particular, the focus was on:

  • Large networks (a large number of devices and a large coverage area) that could form autonomously, and operate very reliably and securely for years without operator intervention.
  • Very long battery life (years of use from a pair of AA cells), very low infrastructure cost (low device and setup costs), very low complexity, and small size.
  • A relatively low data rate.
  • A standardized protocol, allowing multiple-vendor, interoperable products for the global market.

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