The ugliest masks you can find on Amazon

I often find myself lost on I search for products that I need. I search for products to link from my blog, to give readers shopping options related to the things I’m writing on. And sometimes, I just happen that I find very weird products. So here is my personal list for the ugliest masks you can find on Amazon. Click on the pictures to go to their Amazon page.

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Funny vegan memes gallery

Everybody that tried a Vegetarian/Vegan diet know that this is a world full of cliché. After a few months that you are into this lifestyle (maybe after reading a book like this one) you have probably heard hundred of time the same questions and the same jokes about vegans, including vegan memes on the internet. Why … Read more

Frasi che non vorresti sentire durante un’operazione


Ecco una ventina di frasi che non vorreste mai sentire durante un’operazione chirurgica. Bobi! Restituisci quella roba! Brutto cane cattivo! Meglio tenerlo da parte. Ci servirà per l’autopsia. Aspetta, se questa è la milza, cos’è questo? Oh no! Ho appena perso il mio Rolex. Oops! Qualcuno è mai sopravissuto a 500ml di questa roba? Ecco … Read more