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Notte Fredda 0

Notte di Natale

Da poco disponibile su Youtube il mio nuovo pezzo: una canzone ambientata in una notte di Natale, ma con poco spirito natalizio. E’ ispirata a fatti realmente accaduti. Eccovi il video, realizzato come sempre...

I’ll Never Let You Go 0

I’ll Never Let You Go

When my girlfriend left Italy for going back to Japan, I decided put my emotions into a song. Months later, I recorded it and made a videoclip on it. Here it is… You can...

Harmonica and Guitar Blues 0

Harmonica and Guitar Blues

Today I wanted to try to upload a video to Youtube directly from the webcam… but what video?? Simple: me playing guitar and harp!  

Give me one Beer: my fresh drinking song! 5

Give me one Beer: my fresh drinking song!

During my stay in Pelion, I wrote a drinking song, with a little Irish influence. When I got back home in Vicenza, I started to record it using Garageband on my Macbook. If you...