Unold 48525 Macchina da popcorn Classic – Funzionamento e video

L’avvicinarsi del Natale e la mia cronica mancanza di idee per i regali hanno portato all’acquisto di una macchina per fare i pop corn. Incuriosito dal design retrò e dalle buone recensioni ho optato per il modello prodotto dalla Unold (simile a quello prodotto da Ariete, ma più economico). Nonostante i tempi di consegna di Amazon brevissimi, ho dovuto aspettare fino a Natale per testare il prodotto.

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Sync Pocket articles to Kindle using IFTTT

I recently bought a Kindle from Amazon. Reading books on a book reader instead of a computer screen is less tiring and more comfortable. After a few weeks, my mom bought a Kobo Touch and I started to compare it to the Kindle. Apart from the touch features, a functionality that the Kindle is missing is the ability to synchronize it to your Pocket account. So let see how to sync pocket articles to Amazon Kindle.

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Fatal error: Cannot redeclare check_password_reset_key() in WordPress

After upgrading WordPress on a client website, it happened that I wasn’t able to access the admin section. When I went to the wp_login page, I had a “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare check_password_reset_key()” error. Surfing on the Internet, a common suggestion was to disable all the plugins. To do so, just access your website directory … Read more

WordPress: Change background image based on post category

Wordpress coding

A client asked me to have a section of her WordPress website with a different look. In particular, a category (and all the posts inside it) should have a different background image. The first thing I tried was installing a plugin named Background Manager, but I couldn’t activate it because the host didn’t support php … Read more

Home Automation standards

Home Automation Standards

Home automation systems usually reside on standard communication protocols. The most used standards are EHS, BATIBUS, EIB, KNX (for the European market) LONTALK, HAVI, CEBUS, X-10 (for the American one) and HBS (Japan). Those standards were the results of the efforts of several companies that joined together for defining some common rules for letting their … Read more