How to get Bitcoins for free

Everybody is talking about Bitcoins, especially after the news about Tesla investing in the cryptocurrency. Maybe it’s too late, but many of us got fascinated by the growing value of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and would like to invest a little bit of money in it. In this post I’m gonna show you how to get Bitcoins for free.

But we all know that spending hard earned money is something with a so uncertain and floatable value is risky. So here I’m gonna show you how to get some free virtual money to get into this “Bitcoin thing”.

What do you need to invest in Bitcoins?

For buying Bitcoins you need a wallet. That’s a virtual protected place that stores your precious cryptocurrencies. The good thing is that there are online services that offer free wallet for you to put your bitcoins in. Every wallet has an unique address that can be used to send Bitcoins too. Some services also give you the ability to buy and sell Bitcoins or, if you prefer, to exchange Dollars and Euros for cryptocurrencies.

The service I chose is Coinbase. Coinbase allows you to buy different cryptocurrencies with your credit card or bank account and to sell them back using the same payment methods. Of course, it also serves as a wallet for you cryptos!

You can register to Coinbase with your personal informations, upload an ID for getting verified, and then add a payment method, all for free. Coinbase will only earn commissions on the transactions you make, but there is a very good exception.

How to get free Bitcoins

Coinbase will pay you a few dollars in cryptocurrencies to watch tutorials about them. Yeah, you read it right! All you need to do is to watch some short videos and answer a few questions and you’ll earn cryptocurrencies that you can convert to others cryptocurrencies for free!

We are not talking about thousands of dollars, of course. But in some minutes you can earn around 30$ that you can use to buy Bitcoins, Ethereum or every other cryptocurrency that you will find on Coinbase.

My only advice is to hurry up. Not only because it’s better to buy Bitcoins as soon as possible, but also because the Coinbase tutorials could be limited. After having earned 30$, I found that the other tutorials were unavailable. Some of theme required to wait in a queue instead. So you better hurry!

How to get free Bi
This is my Coinbase wallet a few minutes after my registration

If you want to learn more about Bitcoins trading, you can read the book Cryptoassets: the innovative investors guide to bitcoin and beyond.

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