Cappadocia in moto: l’epopea

Cappadocia in moto

Prima della partenza Ogni viaggio comincia prima della partenza. Il quando, il dove, il come… Per tutta la mia vita ho passato parte dell’estate (e tutti i miei compleanni) in Grecia, nella regione del Pilio. La direzione era quindi già decisa (ed anche il mezzo), ma rimaneva da scegliere dove andare una volta finito il … Read more

Jordan, Petra and the Wadi Rum

During the last year I developed an interest in visiting Petra. I don’t know why. Probably because I realized that I’ve never been in a so exotic place. My last travels took me to the United States and to an Eastern Europe trip on my motorbike, but seeing a so different culture and deserted lands … Read more

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During my last 2 travels (a road trip in the USA and a motorcycle tour in Eastern Europe) I used a lot. Using coaches and trains in North America or moving by motorbike from town to town in Romania and Hungary, finding where to sleep at night was one of my main concerns. While … Read more

My solo motorbike trip to Eastern Europe

After a vacation on the United States, it was the time for me to go for holidays in Greece. I use to go every in a small village in the area of Pelion every summer, and this time I wanted to do something slightly different: a long motorbike road trip around Eastern Europe. This is a summary of my travel.

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Pelion – Argalastì

Argalasti Pelion

Argalastì is the main village of South Pelion (one of the best places to stay in Greece, in my opinion), and it’s situated on the main road that goes to the other southern villages. Once arrived on the crossroad of Argalastì, you can turn left for Paltsi, Xinovrysi and Melani, or continue straight ahead for the villages of the Pagasetic Gulf (Chorto, Milina) and some villages on the Eagean sea (Platania, Kastrì, Katigiorgis), as well as Lafkos and Metochi.

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