Kinnu, my new favorite app

I’m always looking for tools to improve myself and, despite my inclination towards digital minimalism, I like to have mobile apps that help me getting better. I already used Duolingo and Rosetta Stone for practicing my Greek, Headway for grasping some concepts from books, Wallet for tracking my expenses etc.

Lately I started to use Kinnu, a learning app that use gamification for learning: a lot of lessons, organised into pathways, that you can take every day just for a few minutes. Think about it as Duolingo for general knownledge. The contents are generated by AI.

You can choose several topics and start your learning path, completing a map. Every day you can also refresh the past lessons using flashcards.

I started to use it just a week ago, and I found myself craving to learn more and more. I started with some ancient history, philosophy, physics, finance…

Will it work? Well, it could be too soon to say, but I’m actually learning (and refreshing) some more or less useful concepts. Repetition is the mother of all skills, so using Kinnu for a few minutes in my morning routine will definitely bring some results!

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