usb macbook not working

Usb drive not seen by mac: solved!

Suddenly, my 32gb Sandisk USB key stopped working on my Macbook. I plugged it in and it was not seen my the Macbook. It didn’t appear under the System Profiler, in Disk Utility nor in the terminal. After some struggling, I was able to make it work again.

Hot to fix the Usb drive not seen by Mac problem

The drive was still working with other PCs, so it was definitely a Mac issue. I tried to reset the Mac SMC and to reset the NVRAM / PRAM, with no luck. Then, I found this solution.

It your Usb drive is not seen by your Macbook, open Terminal and run the following commands:

sudo rm -r /System/Library/Extensions/SATSMARTDriver.kext

sudo rm -r /System/Library/Extensions/SATSMARTLib.plugin

Reboot your Mac and the problem could be gone!

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