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During my last 2 travels (a road trip in the USA and a motorcycle tour in Eastern Europe) I used a lot. Using coaches and trains in North America or moving by motorbike from town to town in Romania and Hungary, finding where to sleep at night was one of my main concerns.

While I usually prefer campsites, in many countries hostels are so cheap (like 8€/night) that is almost stupid to plant a tend in a 10€/night camping. Many of the structures that you can find on also have included breakfast, and this can help you save money for other activities in your trip.

Hostel in Boston
Hostel in Boston contacted me and sent me a referral link that you can use to book a structure and receive 15€ back! The good thing is that you can use it even if you already booked on before!

So don’t waste time: follow this link and book your stay and you will receive 15€ back!

Earn 15€
Earn 15€

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