March suggestions

March 2021 suggestions

March arrived without me realizing it. A few things going on with my job, doubts about changing my motorcycle for a new one, dinners and beers with friends… nothing more! It seems like everything is stagnating: nothing new, waiting more for something to come.

During this month I’m focusing on my relationship with social media and, generally, with my phone. I’m getting used to the minimalist launcher I installed on my Xiaomi Mi. I decided to take it a step further though, so I installed AppBlock, an app that lets you define the moments when an app is allowed to run or to notify you. I blocked basically everything during my working hours, and also allow only some evening time for dating apps. Basically it differs from the Digital Wellbeing from Google because you can specify several slots of blocking time for different apps.

I actually feel a little more bored, but I think this is normal when you are deprived of (unhealthy) distractions. I feel like I have some more time that I can use to more productive tasks.

March 2021’s books

I’m still reading Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman (it’s taking me forever, but the concepts are really good). I’m also trying to learn more about Bitcoins with the book Cryptoassets.

March 2021’s movies

Still watching, with my family, The Office and Monk.

March 2021’s activities

I’m still meditating 10 minutes every morning using Medito. I finished the 30 days meditation challenge last month and I did all the beginner and intermediate’s lessons. During the meditation sessions, the app teaches you about some technics you can use while meditating or during the day, covering various aspects like work, relationships, negative thoughts etc.

I’m keeping on working out every single morning using Fitify with a bodyweight training for muscle gain, and walking on Saturdays or Sundays for a couple of hours. I also run a few kilometers on the weekends, and I feel like I’ve never liked running that much before.

I also started to go to the office by bicycle, every day. It’s just 2 km far, but at the end of the week they are 20 km!

March 2021’s music

The month started with Bob Seger, now I’m listening to Spotify’s suggested songs. I found out that I like to work with some background noise (white noise or sounds from nature or various locations).

March 2021’s lessons

I’m still going on with “A Handbook for New Stoics: How to Thrive in a World Out of Your Control―52 Week-by-Week Lessons“ (or “Live Like A Stoic: 52 Exercises for Cultivating a Good Life” that should be the same thing).

I’m continuing with the Become a Superlearner Udemy course. I’m spending some time every morning on the exercises, training especially on saccades using Schultz tables.

I also resumed a programming course for improving my knowledge in Laravel while developing a new app for a customer.

March 2021’s challenge

I don’t really decided for a challenge this month, but I decided to get up earlier in the morning (at 6 o’ clock) and to avoid using my smartphone too much. Using AppBlock and blocking basically all apps from 9am to 6pm made me use my phone less.

I’m also trying to do something I was not really good at during the last years: to get interested in other people. I’m not usually good in asking questions to friends (I prefer to learn stuff from books, that I find more interesting) and I realized that this is affecting my relationships, so I’m trying to work on it.

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