365 Things I’m Grateful For

During the last years, I had to go through some difficult times. Nothing really bad happened, but I found myself in the need of fixing my life. After a breakup I found myself alone but free, and I realized that now I am the only one responsible of my life. I also realized that there are lot of beautiful things in my life.

I started again meditation, I re-discovered the beauty of reading and the importance of friendship, and I started some new activities.

One of the things I wanted to be better at was noticing the beautiful things in my life and expressing gratitude. During the last 12 months I already took the habit of writing down in my Bullet Journal, every evening, two things that I was grateful for. But I wanted to get more creative, appreciate things more and share them, so I decided to find the time, every day for at least one year, to take a picture about something I’m grateful for and post it to Instagram, with the hashtag #365thingsimgratefulfor.

I still don’t know if I will be able to do it for one year, but I’m curious about my mood when this activity will become a habit.

You can find my pictures on my Instagram Profile.


Graduated in computer science, is passionate about music, videos and travels.

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