Give me one Beer: my fresh drinking song!

During my stay in Pelion, I wrote a drinking song, with a little Irish influence. When I got back home in Vicenza, I started to record it using Garageband on my Macbook.

If you want to listen it, press the play button here:

Give me one beer by Alessandro Gonella

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Here are the lyrics:


Give me one Beer – Alessandro Gonella

Well I walk inside a bar and the barman says:
“If you want a beer you gotta pay it”
I look insied my wallet, I got to find a way
Hey you Mr. barman, now listen what I say

Give me one beer and I'll sing a song
Once I get drunk I'll sing one more
Give me one beer and I'll sing a song
Once I get drunk I'll sing for more

Later in the night a girl's sitting next to me
When she look at me I'm going crazy
Hey you Mr. barman, listen what I say
Give me another drink just to push my fears away


End of the night, it's time to get back home
I don't wanna go to work tomorrow
Hey you Mr barman, do it just for me
Give me another drink, and then I'll go to sleep




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