Embedding personalised twitter updates in a website

A nice idea to make our website looks updated is to let the visitors see our twitter updates. Twitter offers a personalised box to embed in the HTML code. However in some websites this box looks very ugly or it is just too big for our needs. So here’s the solution.

I found a nice script, very easy and customizable to use, that you can download here: twitter.js

How to use it
Put the script somewhere in your website folder. I put it in a folder call “js”, where I put all my scripts. In your html file, exactly  where you want your updates to appear, paste this code:

This is simply an empty unordered list. The magic comes from the next lines, that you have to paste below the list, changing YOURUSERNAME with your twitter name:

You can change the number 5 that indicates how many twitter posts have to be showned, and of course you can change the aspect of the list using some CSS!

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