New Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer – WordPress plugin

The original Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer stopped working, so I made a new version of it. The new Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer is a free WordPress plugin that changes all your Amazon associateĀ links to send visitors to the right Amazon store for their country, without the need of change anything in your posts. Unless other solutions like Easy Azon it’s completely free!

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Fatal error: Cannot redeclare check_password_reset_key() in WordPress

After upgrading WordPress on a client website, it happened that I wasn’t able to access the admin section. When I went to the wp_login page, I had a “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare check_password_reset_key()” error. Surfing on the Internet, a common suggestion was to disable all the plugins. To do so, just access your website directory … Read more

WordPress: Change background image based on post category

Wordpress coding

A client asked me to have a section of her WordPress website with a different look. In particular, a category (and all the posts inside it) should have a different background image. The first thing I tried was installing a plugin named Background Manager, but I couldn’t activate it because the host didn’t support php … Read more