Setting goals for yourself

Some years ago I listened to the Personal Power II audio course. Not so satisfied with my life, I was fascinated by the ability to improve it. In one lesson of the course, Anthony Robbins gives tips for setting goals for yourself in various areas of your life (financial/career, personal growth, possessions, experiences), so I ended up with a list of stuff I’d like to achieve. I did the course again after some months, writing again my goals list. The I basically forgot about it. Time passed, and I found one of those lists. I was surprised to see that I was able to reach some of my (absurd) goals in the meanwhile. Those goals that I set for myself and I reached are listed below (included some from the missing list that I can recall):

Career goals

Finish my master in Computer Science
Own a company
Have a band
Play live with my band

Material things goals

Own a Macbook pro
Own a vintage Yamaha XT

Misc goals

Have a stunning girlfriend
Travel to the USA (and I did it for free!)
Appear on TV (yeah, that was silly but who cares)


Tips for setting goals for yourself

Finding out that I already reached some simple goals I set some months ago was a nice surprise. I came out with another list that I’m refining with all the goals I want to reach in my life.

If you want to set goals for yourself, I can recommend Anthony Robbins’ way:

Organize goal setting into 4 buckets:

  1. Personal development goals
  2. Career/business/economic goals
  3. Toys/adventure goals
  4. Contribution goals

The fundamental thought for every region is to conceptualize for 5 minutes to create a rundown of objectives, then take 1 moment to dole out a time allotment to every objective, and afterward pick one essential objective and compose for 2 minutes concerning why it’s so imperative to accomplish it. So you’re successfully burning through 8 minutes in every zone, so you’re burning through 32 minutes complete (4 ranges x 8 minutes.).

For every bucket you should:

  1. Write down your goals
  2. Set a timeline for each of your goals (1, 5, 10 years or so…)
  3. Choose your most important one-year goal and write a paragraph about it

This helped me a lot!

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