How to get up easily in the morning

One of my major problems is to get up from bed. If I don’t have any appointment in the morning, easily i could sleep until midday. I keep on saying to myself: “One minute more…” till I realize it’s very late and I’m wasting my day.

Some time ago things start to go better. I started to follow some diet tips from Anthony Robbins’ book Unlimited Power. Basically i began to eat better. Due to some energy the diet was giving me and the first excitement, I began to wake up earlier in the morning, and jump out of the bed not so late.

Anyway during the last week I started to sleep again ’till late. I figured out that it could be related to my diet in the previous days, ’cause I’m not following it strictly. But this made no sense to me, ’cause apparently there was no relation to the days I ate bad and the mornings I felt more tired.

Finally I found what probably works for me: morning questions.

During the Personal Power II┬ácourse, one of the exercise I used to do was to ask me empowering questions every morning. Anthony Robbins says that they help to put yourself in a positive state, ’cause they’re structured to make you feel strong, lucky, powerful. Plus they help you focus on important things of your life. I used to ask me questions like: “What am I proud about in my life now?” and “What are the good things that are happening to me?”.

You can ask yourself these questions when you wake up, when you brush your teeth… well anytime in the morning. I used to do that when I first opened my eyes, while still laying in bed. And that’s the real power of these questions.

Getting up, for me, is a big effort. Not for my body, but for my brain. Is not really hard to put your feet on the ground and stand up, it’s hard to decide to do it! While the questions motivated me and made my day worth living, they also awaked my brain: making it working, seeking for the answers, thinking and so… waking up.

The effort for these questions is minimal: I’m still laying down, resting my body a little more, so this is something I can really do. When I open my eyes I ask myself: “Will I get up now, or will I ask myself some questions?” and I choose the easiest one. But when I’m done, I’m motivated, of course, but most of all my brain is awake, operative, ready for the day, so deciding to put my feet on the ground is (really) a simple step!

So, I suggest you (as Robbins does) to write down 5 empowering questions for yourself, that put you in a positive way. Questions like “What’s great in my life now?” or “Who’s loves me?” really help you finding positive things in your life.
Ask yourself these questions when you wake up (if you forget about them, put a sheet next to your bed!) and look at the results you get.

Then post them here in the comments section!

Have a great day!

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