Esprimere gratitudine per un polso fratturato

Frattura polso

Mentre stavo buttato sulla neve, guardando il mio polso piegato ad “S”, i pensieri si accavallavano nella mia mente: cosa fare, il lavoro che si sarebbe complicato, gli allenamenti saltati, le difficoltà a cui stavo andando incontro. In un periodo già abbastanza teso, l’ultima cosa che mi serviva era aggiungere un impedimento fisico che complicasse … Read more

Cappadocia in moto: l’epopea

Cappadocia in moto

Prima della partenza Ogni viaggio comincia prima della partenza. Il quando, il dove, il come… Per tutta la mia vita ho passato parte dell’estate (e tutti i miei compleanni) in Grecia, nella regione del Pilio. La direzione era quindi già decisa (ed anche il mezzo), ma rimaneva da scegliere dove andare una volta finito il … Read more

Awakening the Sage

Awakening the Sage

I have never really considered Philosophy as something useful during my whole life. Philosophy was our target of jokes at the Math Department (together with Psychology). During high school, we studied Literature and History, and the thoughts and ideas that marked historical periods, but we never really dove into, even basic, philosophical matters. Even when … Read more

April 2021 suggestions

April 2021 suggestions

It seems like in April I’m going backwards a little bit. I don’t feel very motivated, due to the weird times we are living. I’m still doing good: waking up every single day at 6 and having my morning routine of exercising, meditating, and studying, but I recognize I’m living waiting for this times to … Read more

My first months with a Smart band

Xiaomi Mi Band

I’ve never really liked the idea of wearing a Smartwatch or an activity tracker on my wrist. I think I stopped wearing watches in middle school: after all, who needs it when we all have a smartphone in our pockets? I’m trying to approach Minimalism, and the last thing that I want is to spend … Read more

March 2021 suggestions

March suggestions

March arrived without me realizing it. A few things going on with my job, doubts about changing my motorcycle for a new one, dinners and beers with friends… nothing more! It seems like everything is stagnating: nothing new, waiting more for something to come. During this month I’m focusing on my relationship with social media … Read more

How to get Bitcoins for free


Everybody is talking about Bitcoins, especially after the news about Tesla investing in the cryptocurrency. Maybe it’s too late, but many of us got fascinated by the growing value of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and would like to invest a little bit of money in it. In this post I’m gonna show you how to … Read more

February 2021 suggestions


February is starting with some hope. Vaccines, less severe laws regarding movement here in Italy, and bars opening. I decided to wake up a little bit earlier than the last month, meaning I get up at 7am (I know it’s not that early but I’m going gradually here) for my morning routine. I’m also seriously … Read more

A minimalist phone

A minimalist phone

Have you ever checked how much time you are spending daily on your smartphone? How many times are you unlocking your phone screen? How long are you scrolling down the Facebook or Instagram feed for a wonderful recipe for unhappiness? We all know (hopefully) that we spend too much time on our phones, but let’s … Read more