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Come ricevere un tablet con 2 euro

Sembra che Altroconsumo, noto sito web, per incentivare le iscrizioni stia regalando dei tablet Android. Con l’iscrizione ai servizi di Altroconsumo, pagando 2 euro e disdicendo l’abbonamento in qualsiasi momento, si riceve a casa...


Sync Pocket articles to Kindle using IFTTT

I recently bought a Kindle from Amazon. Reading books on a book reader instead of a computer screen is less tiring and more comfortable. After a few weeks, my mom bought a Kobo Touch and I...

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jQuery tablesorter custom sort

The jQuery tablesorter library is great. However, sometimes we have a column with no standard values to sort. In these cases, we can define a custom parser for telling tablesorter how to order datas.

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Home Automation standards

Home automation systems usually reside on standard communication protocols. The most used standards are EHS, BATIBUS, EIB, KNX (for the European market) LONTALK, HAVI, CEBUS, X-10 (for the American one) and HBS (Japan). Those...

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Twisted web server: How to implement it

In the next paragraphs you will learn hot to run a simple Twisted web server. Twisted is an event-driven networking engine written in Python. It is a framework that provides extremely powerful, scalable and flexible...