Stop listening to other people

When I was a young boy I always listened to my parents, my relatives, and my teachers. I think that was a good behaviour, dictated by my insecurities (bad) and my awareness of not knowing much (good). I still think that kids and impulsive people should really understand how to stop acting on their own … Read more

January 2021 suggestions

January 2021 suggestions

This January has been the start of a year from which we expect a lot, after a weird 2020. Well, maybe not “a lot”… just to get back to our normal lives. Things are not getting better right now, but I wanna start to write down my suggestions for books, movies, lessons, activities and whatever … Read more

Young fisherman turned vegan

Young fisherman turned vegan

I want to tell you the story of this kid. Since he was 8 years old, he got used to fishing. Then, at about 12, he was given a harpoon and he started to spearfish. He was pretty good… among his family and friends he was one of the best, considering his young age. He … Read more

A bad start

Sunrise from the ferry

2021 didn’t really started well. On the first day of the year I felt sick and intrusive thoughts conquered my mind. And the optimism I had the day before made the situation worst. Also, I realized I’m still not as strong as I supposed to. Things I hoped for started to vanish and my mind … Read more

Goodbye 2020

Alessandro Gonella office

I’ve been thinking about what could be the most representative picture of my 2020, but honestly I couldn’t find one. One year passes quickly, but a lot of things happen during 365 days… how could one summarize a whole year in just one feeling? How were your days since February? How are they now? Things … Read more

Books to read

Books to read

When I was a kid, I used to read a lot, mostly because of the influence of an aunt of mine that kept on buying me books. When I grow older I found myself pretty busy, especially because I was focusing on school or university’s books. Luckily I rediscovered the power of books. I started … Read more

My 2019 reading list


One of the commitments I made during the last years is to read more books. Easier said than done. But luckily during the last 3 years I’ve been reading more, from self-help manuals to novels, passing through philosophic books. In 2019 I’ve read less than I expected, but here are the books I was able … Read more

Websites made by my students

website course

Sometimes I have the opportunity to teach Computer Science in high schools. This year I’ve been hired by I.T.E. Fusinieri in Vicenza to teach website development and database. Like two years ago, my students were asked to upload a simple website using the knowledge they acquired during my lessons, and I’d like to share them … Read more