What to do when you don’t like yourself

There’s always something about ourselves that we don’t really enjoy. It could be our shyness, our reactions to certain situations, or a bad habit. We usually feel like that’s the way we are, and there’s nothing we can really do.

The next step is to realize that we can actually change. We can change our habits, we can change our character, and we can also change our mind. That led me to think that everything I didn’t like about me could be changed. Was I too shy? I have not to! Did I feel uncomfortable in certain situations? I have to fight and learn to be comfortable instead.

That stuff doesn’t really work. Although I’m a huge supporter of self-improvement, all that NLP or Positive-thinking things can be dangerous. Trying to improve yourself is good, but force yourself in being something you’re not or in succeed in something you don’t have full control on is a straight path to unhappiness.

What should we do then? Well, happiness arrives when we acknowledge who we are. Are we introverts? Ok, we may try to change it, but there’s nothing bad in realizing we are like that. We don’t feel ok in crowded places or with certain people? It’s ok to prefer other scenarios.

So, work on yourself to improve, but don’t hate the way you are. Learn to accept your reality.

Being good to ourselves is the hardest job.

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