Goodbye 2020

I’ve been thinking about what could be the most representative picture of my 2020, but honestly I couldn’t find one. One year passes quickly, but a lot of things happen during 365 days… how could one summarize a whole year in just one feeling? How were your days since February? How are they now? Things change. They change a lot more than we realize.

Anyway, it’s a good practice to reflect about one’s year. It’s a good way to learn about ourselves, our life and to understand where we are going.

It’s a good practice also to express gratitude for what we have. Wait a minute, should we really be grateful for this crappy 2020? Yes, at least I want to!

What happened

This year started with a downsizing of my own company, and soon the lockdown began. I quitted teaching, I left my apartment, and I had a few bad moments regarding relationships with other people. That hurt. But the key here is how we see things.

My company’s downsizing meant that we could focus on more profitable tasks, changing our direction. Quitting teaching meant more time for my first job and more freedom. Leaving my apartment was due for the same reason (will post some news about it in the future). Going trough bad moments in my relationships with others helped me growing as a person, and some relationships grew too because of that.

Also, this year has been a nice journey in (trying to) become a better man. I’m writing down some of the things that happened, hoping to inspire somebody else in trying them.

  • I read more than 30 books
  • I worked out every single morning (except in August, damn it Greece!)
  • I started to have a morning routine, consisting in working out and having a cold shower, and then meditating, journaling and reading (though I need to stick to it more)
  • I lived alone in a small flat, then with my uncles, then in my parents’ house (first alone and then with them) and on the road with my motorbike. So crazy!
  • I had a short trip to Spain and a one month trip to Greece, and I made a lot of new friends on the road
  • I woke up at 5am for two months

That said, I decided that the most iconic photo of this year should picture the activity I put most of my efforts into, and that’s my company!

Alessandro Gonella office

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