Books to read

Books to read

When I was a kid, I used to read a lot, mostly because of the influence of an aunt of mine that kept on buying me books. When I grow older I found myself pretty busy, especially because I was focusing on school or university’s books.

Luckily I rediscovered the power of books. I started to enjoy reading and I found the teachings of some books really precious. From the feelings you can get by reading a novel or the inspiration of people’s biography, to the more concrete stuff found in self help or technical manuals.

Everything you want to know can be found in books. Wanna become happier? Study happiness! Wanna become a better man? Read biographies of people you admire. Feeling ignorant about climate change? Read books on the subject!

So, I became a huge fan of reading. And some books had a huge impact on who I am now. So here are some of the book I recommend to read, in no particular order:

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