Rocksmith 2014 free alternatives

If you heard about Rocksmith 2014 or its previous version (just ““), you know that it’s like hero with a real guitar. You buy the game and the Ubisoft Real Tone Cable for connecting a standard electric guitar to your PC, Mac or console. The game is not that expensive, nor is the cable (but many agree that it’s too expensive for its quality, that’s why I found a workaround for using a standard cable). Anyway, you may be looking for cheaper Rocksmith 2014 alternatives, or games that teach you how to play guitar better than Rocksmith 2014 do.

Best Rocksmith 2014 alternatives


yousician rocksmith alternative
Yousician interface

Yousician (formely GuitarBot) is an app that promises to teach you how to play guitar. You can download Yousician for Android, iOS and Windows and Mac systems. What Yousician do is listening you playing through your device’s microphone. This means no cables, and you can play with an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar plugged into an amp. You follow a lesson path based on your preferences and you can compare your results with other players in the community. It’s more “teaching based” than Rocksmith 2014 but it is made like a game too, and it has video lessons that explain the skills you need to learn.The free version limits the amount of time you can play daily.

Rock Prodigy

rock prodigy rocksmith alternative
Rock Prodigy interface

Rock Prodigy is a Fender partner. This app, available for Windows, Mac and iOS devices, includes a comprehensive, easy-to-follow lesson path that teaches you how to play the guitar. The design is more classic, looking more like standard guitar tabs. While the app is free, courses starts at $49.99 and you can buy single songs to learn and play. You can track your progress also on the Rock Prodigy website. If you still don’t own a guitar (what are you waiting for?) you can check some good deals on Amazon!

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