Snow Leopard on Asus T101MT dual boot tutorial – WIndows 7 and Mac Os X Snow Leopard

Installing Snow Leopard on the Asus T101MT is really simple, following this guide. At the end you should have bot Windows 7 and Snow Leopard installed. Be sure to backup your data before doing anything!

Please note that installing Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware is illegal, so that is just a guide.

What you need:
  • Asus T101MT (of course)
  • Usb dvd drive (or you can use a bootable usb key, just google for some tutorials)
  • iAtkos S3 v2 (again, use Google to find some torrent). Once you have downloaded the image, just burn it on a dvd. Let’s start!
Creating a partition for your Snow Leopard
I used a linux live cd for partitioning the hard disk, cause Windows gave me some problems. I created a partition for Windows, one for Mac, and left the rest as free space. The important thing is to have an active unformatted partition (at least 20gb) for Snow Leopard: you will be able to format it using the Disk Utility later. If you can name it, don’t use spaces in the name.

First of all, disable the Boot Boster on the T101MT: at boot press F2 for see the BIOS setup, then search for the Boot Boster entry and disable it.
Be sure the dvd in in the drive connected to the T101MT, boot the pc and press the ESC key for seeing the boot menu. Select the dvd drive (if you don’t see it, press CTRL+ALT+CANC and repeat the operation).
The iAtkos installation should start.
Go on until you reach the “Select destination” window: that’s the heart of all the guide. Click on the Personalise button. It’s very important to select the right kext (drivers) or Snow Leopard will not boot. This is what I choosed, keep in mind is not the best solution: it just worked:
  • Bootloader: Chameleon v2 RC5.
  • Patches: /Extra, fakesmc, Disabler, RTC (not the 32), Atom Kernel, EVO reboot, Sleep Enabler, USB.
  • Main Harware: under sound I choosed Voodoo, under PS/2 Voodoo again, under CPU Power Management Voodoo P-State, Laptop hardware and NTFS.
  • VGA: GMA X3100
  • Network: Wireless: Atheros
After everything is ok, you can select the target volume for the installation. If you cannot select the right partition, go on the menu Utilities and select Disk Utility. You can format the partition from here, and then close the window.
Once you have selected the target volume, you’ll have to wait until the installation is finished. This can take long. After reboot you should see the bootloader window: if you press any key you can choose which partition to boot. Choose the Mac partition, then you will be able to setup you user account like on a normal Machintosh. Enjoy!
The Airport utility doesn’t find any network. You have to download the right kext and install it. Some info soon
The GMA X 3150 isn’t supported yet. Anyway there’s a way to set the screen resolution to 1024×600. Go to and download the, then:
Open the terminal program (Go/Utilities/Terminal)
Type sudo su
Rename your old /boot to /boot-old
Unzip and copy to / the new boot file from the file
Type in the terminal window chown -R 0:0 /boot
Reboot and when you log back into OSX, your resolution should be 1024×600

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